5. Conclusion

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According to Richard N. Story article, World War II could have been called the Orator’s War. Four of its six major leaders; Benito Mussolini, Adolf Hitler, Franklin D. Roosevelt and Winston S. Churchill used their gift of oratory to mobilize and lead their nation. But it was Churchill who led the rallying cry of freedom when the fascist powers appeared certain to triumph over Europe. His great speeches became the voice of resolve and determination among Britain and its Commonwealth allies to stop the spread of totalitarianism.

Throughout this essay we have been dealing with the speeches Churchill delivered during the Battle of France. From its beginning, “Blood, Toil, Tears and Sweat” in May 13 when he just become Prime Minister to  “The Finest Hour”, addressed to the British people in June 18, the same day the Battle of France had finished with the French surrender and announcing the Battle of Britain was about to start.

It is ironical how Winston Churchill could have written such inspirational words under this situation. In resisting the Nazis, he produced some of the richest prose-poetry in defence of freedom and democracy ever written.

And that is one of the reasons he has been remembered and studied throughout history, not only as a politician but as a good writer, orator and artist. This is one of the reasons why I have decided to make this study on his speeches. It has not been that difficult to find information about Churchill. Since he was one of the most important characters of the British history, a great deal of books, articles, and biographies have been written about him but when dealing with his speeches the kind of information available was different and I had to look for specifically articles that had been written by experts on the matter.

His speeches reveal all the aspects of his character. What we can hear in his speeches is his self-belief, his determination, his humanity, that leads the British country on to final victory.

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